Mrs. Gebel's Progressive Era

The Progressive Era 1890 - 1920


Lodgers in a crowded Bayard Street tenement -- 'Five Cents a Spot', 1888–89.5 Cents a Spot

"Power is what men seek and any group that gets it will abuse it." Lincoln Steffens



"A mind which really lays hold of a subject is not easily detached from it." Ida Tarbell



Meat Inspection Act




Pure Food and Drug Act


Triangle Shirtwaist Fire - March 25, 1911

Photographer: Artist TAD [Thomas Aloysius Dorgan] and others, March 28, 1911 

Shirtwaist Fire Primary Sources:

     Leon Stein Interviews-

     Oral Histories-


Reforms and outcomes:


Image result for Factory Investigating Commission political cartoonsFactory Investigating Commission


          State Department of Labor

          National Labor Relations Act



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