Changes to the Constitution

  • While the Constitution provides a formal process for change through amendments,

    the Constitution can respond to change in other ways.


    The New York State Constitution changed over time,

    with changes in the early 19th century that made it more democratic.


    How is the US Constitution amendmended?


    How many amendments have there been for the New York Constitution? (Look at Fast Facts)

    How were they were made during the 19th century?


    Identify the individual rights of citizens that are protected by the Bill of Rights:

    Are there differences in the Bill of Rights for US / NYS constitution?

    Does one set forth more rights than the other?


    First Amendment- Which offers greater protection for speech US or NYS?  


    Certain customs have become such a part of our system that they have become accepted as law, or a part of the Constitution although this is not the case. Examine the evolution of this unwritten constitution, such as Washington’s creation of the presidential cabinet and the development of political parties. Had you believed that the presidential cabinet was a constitutional provision? Which part of our system, if anything, did you believe was part of constitutional law but was actually just part of the unwritten constitution?