• What's a NoodleBib?!

    NoodleBib is an online tool for creating citations. A citation is a works cited list; i.e., a properly formatted list of your information sources. For example: the books you used,  the websites, an interview, a film, a magazine article, a database, etc.  Each student receives his or her own NoodleBib online account in which ciataions can be created and saved for various courses.


    Once you have received your account, the basic instructions for creating a citation are as follows:


    Creating A Biblioghraphy on NoodleBib


    ~Click on Bibliography


    ~MLA Starter should be bubbled. If not, bubble it in.


    ~In Description Box: Type a name for your project’s resources

      Click on Create list


    ~Under Works Cited choose a citation type. For example: book, magazine, interview.


    ~Click on create citation.



    How to Cite Your Information Sources

    Citing a book:

    -         What you need to know:

    o       Author (last name, comma, first name, period)

    o       Title (Underlined or italicized, followed by a period.)

    o       City of publication (followed by a colon:)

    o       Publishing company (followed by a comma)

    o       Copyright date © (followed by a period)


    -         Final format:


    Nix, Garth. Sabrina. New York: Random House, 2007.



    Citing a Website:    

    -         What you need to know:

    o       Author (last name , first name, followed by a  period. If no author is stated, start with the title)

    o       Title (title of article or name of topic. Underlined or italicized, followed by a period. )

    o       Website title (followed by a period)

    o       Date you viewed the website (day/month/year, followed by a period)

    o       URL (the web address, between < > and followed by a period)


    -         Final format:


    Smith, John. “Border Collies.” American Kennel Club. 15 Nov 2009.