NBC Learn

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An exciting new digital resource called NBC LEARN  is a collection of videos, documents, and images for classroom and on-line use.

Watch a 30 second video to learn more about NBC Learn    


• Use video as a classroom management tool: just as class period is beginning, start playing video

  • video immediately grabs student attention; they quiet down and "watch TV"
  • each story starts with an anchor lead-in – a "buffer" before the news story starts; students are usually quiet by the time reporter begins to tell the story

Note: teachers say if students come to expect a video first thing, they are more likely to come to class, and come to class on time

• Play video at start of class related to previous day’s/week’s lessons or assigned readings and homework as form of review of concepts.

• Play video at start of class related to that day’s or coming week’s lessons/assigned readings to "tee up" a new subject

• Play video during class after a basic explanation of a new subject or concept or key points, as illustration of process or relevance, and/or illustration of section of textbook

• Use video as conversation, discussion or debate starter

• Assign the viewing of selected video(s) as homework

  • ask students to answer quiz questions based on videos and/or textbook/readings
  • ask students to compare and contrast videos on the same subject done over time, or chart timelines of certain scientific advances, using videos and other sources

• Ask students to use NBC LEARN as a research tool for projects and papers

• Use NBC LEARN collections for project-based learning ideas:

  • science fairs
  • design contests
  • school projects
  • community projects

• Use NBC LEARN resources to promote 21st century digital learning – improve student skills in:

  • searching and collecting
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