Homework Policy


    Mrs. Campbell

    Throughout the school year homework will be assigned and is expected to be brought to class and turned in the date and class period that it is due.  During marking periods 1-3, any assignment that is turned in late will automatically have ¼ of the possible points deducted for each day that it is late.  During the fourth marking period no late homework will be accepted for credit.

    Homework requirements include the following:

    -          They MUST be turned in ON TIME

    -          Completed neatly and legibly

    -          The assignment work must be completed in full

    Ø All homework assignments require a proper heading.  The heading is as follows:

    Name ____________    Class/Teacher ___________

    Date _____________    Assignment _____________

    Ø Student Absences: Homework is to be completed within one calendar day. 

    Ø A Homework Log will be filled out by each student that does not complete an assignment on time.  These will then be compiled and sent home at the end of each week.