My Homework

  • While there is not assigned homework daily, I expect the students to PRACTICE. I understand that we are all busy, but practice is an important part of playing a musical instrument. During the child's group lessons goals will be established, these goals are expected to be achieved by the next weekly lesson. 

    Here are a few Tips to help you remember why we practice !!
    • Practicing should be fun. It’s fun to be good at something, and it’s fun to be constantly improving your skills.
    • When you identify a problem spot in a piece, turn that spot into an exercise. Play it as slowly as necessary to eliminate the mistake, then gradually increase the tempo.
    • Practice being correct. When you are working on a difficult piece or section, don't try for a fast tempo until you are ready. If you try to play it too fast, you will make the same mistakes over and over, and you will get better at making those mistakes. You don’t want that!
    • Try to practice every day, or nearly every day. Find a time of day that works for you, and stick to it
    • Find a place to practice where you can concentrate - no TV, or anything else bothering or distracting you
    • Be patient with yourself. Learning to play an instrument is a long-term project.
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