• Book Trailers with Animoto


    Step One - Review

    Review book trailers and identify key features.   Trailers should encourage people to read the book, without giving too much away.

    Step Two - Organize

    Identify the mood of your book, the setting, and parts of your book that would be interesting to others.  Use the provided worksheet to summarize key ideas.  

    Step Three - Create

    To make your book trailer, go to Animoto.com and follow the directions on the graphic organizer you received. Collect *fair-use* images, and save the URLs for the credits.  Copy these to a PowerPoint slide and save the slide as a JPEG.  (You will add the slide to the end of the Animoto video.)

    Step Four - Celebrate

    Present your work to our classmates.  Consider holding a vote for awards, in categories such as best script, best pictures, most persuasive, and best overall video. Give each other constructive comments.  

    Step Five - Extension activities

    We could link your trailers to the physical books with a QR code, which can be scanned by the library iPads.  Other students can then scan the book to view the trailer and decide whether or not the book is for them!