• WWI Propaganda Posters: "I Want You . . ." World War I recruitment poster; James Montgomery Flagg, artist.

    "The countless recruitment and propaganda posters produced during World War I were marvels of graphic design, created with one aim in mind: to get the viewer to stop, read -- and act."   

    --Time Magazine


    Poster topics usually include:

    • Buying victory bonds 
    • Saving/conserving food
    • Joining the army
    • Demonizing the enemy
    • Women and the war effort


     Essential Question:
    How does propaganda affect the opinions and actions of people and leaders during wartime?


    Read: Posters at War - http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/snpwwi5.htm


    Your task:

    Use the following sites to locate and print a propaganda poster that appeals to you. 

    Explain what the poster means. What is the intended message? 

    Explain why this poster might have been effective during WWI. How would it have affected you as a citizen? 


    Consider the following:

    • Who or what is your topic about?
    • Describe the poster in your own words.
    • What is this poster trying to get you to do?
    • How would this poster support the war efforts?
    • What type of propaganda technique does your poster use? How does your poster reflect this type of propaganda? (Fear, nationalism, emotions, using "plain folks".)
    • What historical facts are covered in this poster? What historical facts would the viewer need to fully understand your poster?  


    Library of Congress - http://www.loc.gov/pictures/collection/wwipos/background.html


    Smithsonian Magazine - https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/posters-sold-world-war-i-american-public-180952179/


    Time Magazine - http://time.com/3881351/world-war-i-posters-the-graphic-art-of-propaganda/